Friday, 26 October 2012


I have spent the last week studying autumn leaves , trying to find some that meet the specification of being in clean saturated colours in red, yellow, blue , orange ,green or purple.

This is the instruction from Kate for items to first paint and then felt. Well first find the items . Most of river banks are not very portable , and there are no flowers at this time of the year. So I decided on leaves. What I knew, what everyone knows, is that the leaves look glorious en mass on the trees, and the ground , with beatiful shades of yellows, oranges, browns and reds. What I have discovered is that look up close and the individual leaves are twisted and full of holes and rarely just one colour. Of course this is not really as surprising as they have been siting in the weather for months. What I have also discovered is that if you search out some beautiful specimens and bring them home to paint, within hours they are completely dehydrated, curled up, and not the beautiful specimens you thought. I tried pressing , this worked reasonably well, for some kinds of leaves, but somehow in their desiccated state , they seemed very lifeless.

So this has had to become a speed challenge , call it speed painting. Pick the leaves , close to home , rush home, photograph immediately, for a record, and then paint. Not a very relaxing occupation for someone who is a bit of an amateur painter.

Here are some examples

Different techniques, from careful painting on the right, to reckless dabbing of colour in the left.

A magical mirror image !

So that the painting items challenge accomplished I think. What will be next?


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Beautiful autumn morning

Today at 8 o'clock I could see nothing but mist , but by 9 o'clock the sun was driving off the mist at the start of what was a glorious warm autumn day. Here are some photos I took while watching the mist disappear and the start of a really beautiful autumn morning.




As you can see I am making the most of the good weather and I am also preparing for some new experiments with painting at the start of my Level 2 course.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Onwards and Edgewards

Well today I have decided, I will go on and do the Level 2 Felt course with Arty Bird. I haven't actually parted with any money yet , but I am going to.

I have to decide on a theme. A broad theme that will keep me inspired for two years and which I can sometimes bring elements home. So I first thought woodlands, but I think it would be just to green for two years. I like urban decay but I think that could be a bit depressing . So I think I am going to use river edges. It's so broad - it can cover just about everything and can be anywhere.

I can bring home driftwood, flowers, pebbles, reeds etc if needed , and I can explore both the countryside edges , the suburban edges and the city edges. Add to that mix the UK and the Netherlands and I think I am inspired.

Today I have been to the photography museum in Rotterdam, to see the photos of Lewis Hine. 1874- 1940 He photographed immigrants to the US on Ellis Island, tenement houses and extremely dangerous looking working conditions all from the early 20th century. Very interesting and to think of just how difficult it was to make the photographs then.

Walking outside , on the edge of the river Maas in the heart of Rotterdam , we came across a old Russian tall ship tied up at the river edge. Luckily I had my camera and luckily technology has moved on since Lewis Hines day.    Here are my shots , perhaps inspiration for forthcoming felting if my theme gets approved.

Final shot , through the wonderful Erasmus bridge , to the city of Rotterdam, on the edge of the Maas.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Special day

Well today is a very special day for me. Sorry it's not because it's Felting day. Although that's important and I am very excited that I have two pieces in the exhibition dying of the sun . I am loving everyone elses fire pieces.

No it special because my youngest daughter is getting married today So all thought of felting will be banished while I focus on this special occasion . To be honest I am quite nervous about the whole day. But I am sure it will be lovely and we will have a lovely family party .

My infamous felted bag should be making an appearance so it not a complete felt free zone. I have also made some bridesmaids shawls and will show a picture of them being worn by the bridesmaids after the event as that should show them at their best.

So I will have to catch up with the submissions for international felting day after the event , here is my fiery felted hand.


And the details of one of my starry pictures that are in the exhibition in Perth.