Thursday, 27 September 2012


Well as I am in a bit of a lull feltingwise whilst I wait for the final assessment from ArtyBird of my course work. I decided now was the time to revamp my small felting room. I have extended the table, courtesy of Ikea and almost painted all the walls white. This was a real slog , and I have never known pale blue paint be so hard to obliterate .

Here it is almost ready and too tidy for creative thought and my first and biggest WIP

In the meantime to keep my creative thoughts flowing I have been working on my knitting WIPs. Time to try and finish a few. I can't admit to the real number of knitting WIPs I have. That is a secret. Here's just two.


A Camden hat by WoolyWormhead. I was going to take part in the KAL for this hat on ravelry but somehow have been distracted by the painting. This will be a Christmas present for the hat lover in my family.

The start and possibly the finish of a blanket, unless I get on and order some more wool. This is also a present for an undefined date in the future , so no need to hurry with the ordering.

One things for sure I need to finish something before felting overtakes me again. Which will win?




Saturday, 15 September 2012

One year on

Today is the anniversary of the first blog I wrote over my adventures with ArtyBird.

What an voyage of discovery it has been, always something new and challenging to think about and to make.

I have drawn and painted . I never imagined I could draw at all. I have dyed fabrics and yarns and even experimented with making my own colours by mixing dyes together successfully.

I have made lots of felt and started to explore the world of different fibres with their different properties. I can even name quite a few different sheep breeds.

I have made and given felted gifts and have requests for slippers, hats , pictures and bags waiting until I have more time to do them.

I have written 45 blogs, nearly one/week and have more than 1000 views - mostly my mother.

But I think most amazingly I have started to look at the world around me in a different way and to explore with my eyes the texture and patterns in nature and in man made objects. To record this I have taken many photographs , often times looking into the micro landscapes that I year ago I would not have even seen . From this I already have a wealth of ideas I would like to use in designs and I see more all the time !

Here is just a few examples of ideas for the future.





So overall it's been a fantastic year of discoveries and I think I will continue my journey by signing up for the next course , which will give me the excuse to continue this blog which I have also really enjoyed writing .



Sunday, 9 September 2012

All packed up

Well I have spent the last few days packing up items to send to Kate for assessment.

It quite amazing how much I have accumulated in the last few months.

I have been making boxes for my paper manipulations.


I have been sorting through masses of sketches some I remember drawing on the train.

I have collected together all my felted items showing texture and dying techniques.

There is a collection of needled felted items.

My 3D objects

Finally my scarfs. I am very happy with my green scarf especially as I made the green dye myself by mixing the turquoise and yellow. I would happily wear it. But the hooded scarf, it might remind me of the beatiful waters of the Hebrides , in its colours, but in terms of style , My god its a disaster for me and it is something I would never wear!




This lot all needs to be packed up safely and sent off to the UK. Though bulky they are all very light so the costs should not be totally excessive. Thank goodness.

And the big question is now , what am I going to do with myself?


Sunday, 2 September 2012

A fibre mountain

How has it happened.

How have I come back from holiday with a fibre mountain. I struggle to find room for the fibre I have already and now I have an extra three large bins bags of washed fleece.

Well one is my own purchase at Woolfest, my Mule. I am very proud of it all.

Then I have two bags courtesy of a friend of my eldest daughter. At least they arrived cleaned , so I did not have to run the gauntlet of hygienic dangers in the kitchen . But what are they - now, no- one can remember.

Here they all are, taking the place of the rehomed futon.

My Mule is at the right , quite a lot smaller than the two others and it was enough work.

The fibres feel good to my inexperienced hands and they are British , so that narrows it down a bit. I think I should just get on and felt them and don't worry about their pedigree. I just need to do one felted sample from each . But before that I need to do some carding - well quite a lot of carding if I am to make anything bigger than a sample . So samples will have to do for now.

But in fact I need to get back to my final course work , so this lovely mountain of fibre will just have to wait for a few weeks.









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