Sunday, 31 August 2014

Holidays stitches

I have been on holiday for the last three weeks , first with my family in the UK , then with friends in France , then cycling in Burgandy. Amidst all this traveling , eating , drinking , sightseeing and relaxing there was no time for felting , but I did manage to sit in the sun and do some stitching.
I stitched and sewed some beads on some cuffs. These include some Harris tweed bought on a previous holiday. Modeled by one of my daughters.

I beaded a small hanging I made at a wonderful workshop with Judit Pocs at Hawar.

For some wonderful photographs of this workshop here at where it has been captured perfectly by my good friend Els. Thank you Els for this wonderful record.

I also completed the stitching on my secret pocket , necklace come belt , started at the same workshop with Judit and finished at home. In its secret pocket is a small pebble.

I have to say my family are not very complimentary about this felted masterpiece , thinking it looks like a sporan.

Back home now , and back to the felting again soon.

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  1. Jane, these cuffs look wonderful with the Harris tweed !
    Your necklace turned out very well too ;-)