Sunday, 8 February 2015

A fantasy fish and a find

A number of months ago I was asked by one of my daughters if I could make a felted fish. I was pretty vague about by capabilities at the time . I knew if I was going to make a fish, it would have to be a fantasy fish , as making replica sea bass or trout is not for me. I actually knew I could make a fish I just did not feel inclined to do so until this week. When perhaps due to the dismal cold weather , I thought , why not try .
So here he is . One crazy fantasy fish . Just a prototype you understand. I will make the rest of his aquarium friends shortly !

And on a completely different track , I bought a little treasure trove this week. In the UK charity shops are quite a big part of all the high streets, here in the Netherlands such shops are very rare. There place is taken to some extent by the house clearance stalls on the market. Many strange bargains are to be had on these stalls , and you never know what you will find.
Last week on one of these stalls I found this.

The little sticker ' witte knoppen' means white buttons.
I thought these white buttons were perhaps a treasured collection made over years , now sadly unwanted. So I bought them for 3 Euros and I have brought them home to treasure , and maybe add to a few felted projects.

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