Friday, 30 September 2011

Sticky fingers

How can I turn the view from Sam mountain that was so big and atmospheric into a collage that needs to be less than 20 x 20 cm and has just three colours????. 
I squint at the photo and try to see the critical elements and the way they interact together, straight lines and wobbly lines, colours and texture. I try to decide where to use cut paper or torn paper.
Tearing is good for the sky whereas I think cutting gives the feel for the reflection in the flooded fields. Tearing also has the big drawback that it's very uncontrollable.

I need tiny strips of paper and they move every time I breath. 
I cannot lay them out to check if they look good or if they are the right shape as they will not stay still. So I glue as I go along getting stickier and stickier. 
Perhaps I should have just put glue all over the background rather than on the strips.   Too late for that now.  But I quite like the flexibility and stickiness of one strip at a time. 

Finished result a slice of the view from Sam mountain.


  1. You did a great job my dear! (can of spray glue works great .... glueing things together ALWAYS get messy in the end ;-) !)

  2. I love the way this came out!

  3. Having sticky fingers was always good fun. Keep up the creative streak!