Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunny Dyeday

I was banished to the garden for my first experiments with dying. 
Lucky for me we were having such amazing weather. I had to set up the umbrella in order not to get sunstroke. I chose orange and turquoise two of my favorite colours and in full protective gear started to dye.

Stirring two washing up bowls with chop sticks constantly for 10 minutes is quite challenge . But after that I sat back , continued my twisted sock knitting , that been giving me so much stress and stirred randomly.
I was allowed to rinse in the bath, otherwise I am sure I couldn't have managed at all to rinse, as I discovered dying uses alot of water.  
I loved the colours I had created. But what tangle my fabrics and yarns were in. I think I had been too vigorous in my stirring, probably a lot too vigorous. I was able to unravel the fabrics but the yarns were and still are in a complete knot. My 5 subsequent batches of dying a got stirred in a more gentle wafty type of a way.
What a mix of shades and colours, yet to be ironed and analyzed, but don't they look lovely.
A wonderful way to spent a sunny Sunday

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  1. Jane! This looks góód! (apart from the tangle that is ofcourse ;-))....) Did you tie your yarns in a small hank?
    Btw when you dye wool: DON'T stir at all or you will end up with felt before you know it!