Saturday, 3 March 2012

Deluge , no its a raging torrent

With my natural wools experiments behind me,it was time to turn my exploration of Leonardo's deluge and the natural fibres into a piece of art. Use any skill learnt so far it said it the brief!
Well that many things and not all applicable to natural wools and a depiction of a deluge. 
Natural wools , natural protection agianst a deluge. Think of all those poor sheep out day and night in all weathers even deluges. I wanted my piece to be as big as possible, the limit being the size of my small ikea table. It needed to have lots of texture and must use merino, Shetland and BFL fibres in colours I actually had not colours I could purchase.
So I choose my favorite collage and attempted to depict it in felt, less colours, more texture and definitely a lot harder work to make. But then it can be taken outside in the rain and not disintegrate and could easy to the starting point for a deluge resistant tent.   Maybe not .  Prediction of the behaviour of the colour blends and the fibre blends is not always easier for me to do, especially now I have the added complication of all the different fibres as well as colours. Sometimes they are more dramatic then I intended sometimes less.
Overall I achieved the effect I wanted. But it reminds me more of a raging river after a deluge,than a deluge itself,  with eddies, currents, froth, rocks and lots of flotsam. It fact it reminds me of a bad experience I rather forget when whilst white water canoeing near Barnard Castle , I cracked my boat and then had to hitchhike in a cold wet suit to get home.  Felting is a lot safer than white water canoeing especially after a deluge, but can sometimes be as wet!

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  1. I have to look up the workd deluge but no matter what it means exactly I love the finished piece!