Thursday, 24 January 2013

Action points

Well my sketch books made the journey safely to the UK, were assessed and are now on their way back. Out of this I have received some action points. The first one is regarding health and safety. Well health and safety has been a huge part of my day job for years , so how did I manage to miss this element. Sadly I think for the reason that most accidents occur , people do no recognize the danger therefore don' t take any actions. I fell into this trap here. Painting , cutting and felting what could be the danger therefore ignore the HSE information. Shame on me.

I also had omitted to write anything on what I had got out of doing all the work.

This wasn't because I had not got anything out it , more that I overlooked the requirement to write it down.

So what have a got out of the first two months of C&G Level 3 Certificate in Design and Craft. 7716-23 Feltmaking.

Well I have a far better understanding of how to mix colours, and have applied it to paint and fibre. I think with this knowledge I will be able to apply it to dyes. I have pushed my painting skills to the limits and probably beyond, and I have enjoyed doing it.

I have tried to learn about colour values , but these are still I bit of a mystery to me. I just hope my instincts hold out and I continue to get this about right.

Mostly I have got out I feeling that my felt making is improving and as that is why I am doing it I am overall very pleased with the process.

So with my improved skills and extra time I have finshed the new bag.

Here it's is improved handles, two pockets, nice shape and flat bottom so it can stand up. I am also very pleased with this.



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