Sunday, 21 April 2013

Distance learning

On Friday , by the wonders of modern technology, there has been a three way conference call , two ArtyBird distance learning students and one tutor, Kate Horner. The wonderful technology , or perhaps the users did not allow a video conference call , but that was not a problem.

So we learned that there are 18 other students like ourselves , distance learners, from all around the world. We discovered that , the distance learners, because of our relative isolation tend to produce very individual work. Nice to know. We discussed the problems that you might encounter when felting a rug. I wish I had this conversation a few weeks ago , but never mind. It was also good to learn a little bit more about the City Guilds verification process and get a little more insight into the purpose behind some of our design activities.

We also discussed the whole design process and how long it can take and what a significant contribution it can have to the cost of a finished item. My panel design was discussed as well, I think the way I am going I will never manage to a finish the design process let alone make a panel. Time will tell !

I have made two new star pictures this week. One is a disaster. For some reason I really over felted it. Then not only was it too small but all the vibrancy of the colours had been lost. So after my inspirational conference call. I started again, Recalculating , and checking and checking again before I started. I choose a different nebulae as well . With the totally uninspiring name of NGC 5189. This time I have controlled myself and the piece is not felted to death. I was able to test out mounting a felt piece using stretcher bars that artist use for canvases. The purpose of this change in mounting is to make something light that can be easily posted.

Here she is fully mounted hanging on my living room wall.











  1. What a good talk you had !!!! And ... next time with some others ?

    Like you've bee looking at the nebula yourself !!!

  2. No Hubble looks at the nebulae and publishes beautiful images !