Sunday, 14 April 2013


On Friday I spent a lovely day felting with a friend. In fact the friend who taught me to felt. Truthfully we spent most of the day talking so we were not so productive in terms of felt actually made but we shared many ideas on how to do things . We discussed the incorporation of stones and pebbles , under here are some shiny glass stones. It will be interesting to see how they glint though when it is felted.

We did a small test of using prefelt under fabric to create bubbles.

This has worked I think, and probably works better if you use felt instead of prefelt. Eventually this will become a hat.

The remaining question for Friday was how to make waves in felt on a small scale . It is quite easy to visualize how to do this on a huge felted piece . Here is an example we like.

You can see more like this at

But how to make the same effect on a small scale. I thought with use of prefelt and embellishing but I am not sure this would give sharp enough lines.

Meantimes I have a draft brief from a very fussy client , myself , to complete for my course so I think that takes priority for now and waves will have to wait. But if we could crack it it could fit very well with this years Felt United's theme of water.

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  1. Ha, totally agree about the day ;-)
    (not done anything more though ....
    to busy with the jacket)