Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sculptures 1 of 2

Once I would have never really looked at a sculpture, I'd have walked past with hardly a glance. I think I was missing something. I have realized this as for my last assignment I have had to look at bit more closely in order to draw some.

Where to go ? Well the Kroller Muller museum in the Netherlands is the obviously place. This collection was started by Helene Kroller Muller and contains many Van Gogh's . In 1935 she donated the whole Art collection to the Netherlands. In 1966 a sculpture park was added to the musuem. The especially nice part about it is that you can't drive but have to pick up a white bike and cycle to the museum.

So I needed to draw some sculptures. What a challenge. To sit and draw in public and then to make something recognizable , well maybe.

I browsed around a bit , there are many sculptures , old and also quite new, by people I have heard of and people I haven't.

I particularly liked this one by Barbara Heywood, I liked the way it draws your eye into the vista behind.

Here is my attempt to draw it from the back as I needed to sit in the shade you can see in the photo above.

I also really liked this one by Sorel Etrog. It's is called "complexes of a young women " and I think this title really describes what I see when I look at it.

I tried sketching this too. I hope I captured at least some of the complexes.

Next I have to try my hand at making my own sculptures, photographing them and drawing them. That's going to be fun.


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