Friday, 26 July 2013

Sculptures 2 of 2

My first attempt at a sculpture was not so successful. I took a large sheet of white card , cut some curved and some straight lines on it with my craft knife and then connected edges together using staples and double sided tape. It looked OK to begin with but keep unravelling itself and collapsing . So I began again. Same idea but now on smaller sheets of thick cartridge paper and using staples instead of tape.

This is more successful I think. The disadvantage of the staples is that they are quite visible, but the advantage is my sculptures are likely to look the same tomorrow as today.

Photographing them is also a challenge for me. White sculpture on white background, gave my a kind of grayish cream blob of a photograph. I am advised this is all to do with the white balance , and a complex colour averaging that our sophisticated cameras perform without us knowing. So I looked up my camera instructions and tried to override the averaging then turned them into black and white. It's not perfect but here my white on white sculptures.


Next in this complex process is to draw the sculptures and draw the photographs I made of the sculptures. If you are still following this story you might be wondering the purpose of all this. I think it's purpose is to help me develop good designs for three dimensional objects. I am keen to be able to make better three dimensional felts so I am sticking with it.

So finally I draw my sculptures .

Overall an interesting exercise . Finally here's another interesting living sculpture from the Kroller muller park.

I wonder how many years it will take for the tree to fill the hole in the hammerhead



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