Sunday, 9 February 2014

Focus and finish on Friday

Focus and Finish was a slogan from one of my recent work locations and I think this is what I need with regards my felting activities. I have done such a lot of experimenting and have just so many ideas of what I might make incorporating this experiment and that experiment into but I never do it.

So on my first focus and finish friday I set off to finish the felt and Shetland tweed jewellery I started at Christmas.


I stopped talking about my framing ideas and actually finished some felted pictures in box frames.

Might needs some further improving but in reality done.

I also finished my stitching sampler. I have to keep up with my course work !

Great progress , but then yesterday over a coffee with a dear felting friend , Els, who was telling me about the new Fiona Duthie on line class , a whole load of ideas came into my head and today I am again back to the experiments again . But maybe it can work , have focus and finish Fridays and play with felting experiments the rest of the time.



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  1. Lovely pictures Jane, beautiful colour combinations and they look as though they have some really interesting textures too. Experimenting is how we move forward, I'm sure making felt from sheep fibres and techniques that we all take for granted, such as nuno, all started with and experiment.... Keep the ideas flowing!

    It looks like you are on track to make 1 saleable piece per week with your framed art works?