Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wild colour

A number if months ago I made a mixed fabric felt piece threw it in the mx dye bath , and got a very surprising for result .

I received the comment for Kate my tutor that dying animal and vegatable fibres together would not work , except perhaps with natural dyes. I had a book called Wild Color by Jenny Dean and a vision in my head of the piece I want to make so I decided to explore the avenue of natural dying, I have been researching , mordants, modifiers and natural dyes. What a complicated business it is.! I have made up some copper , iron and aluminum mordant solutions and mordanted some silk and cotton fabrics .

What I did not know , was if you mordanted a fabric or fibre and then felt it , is the mordant still active. I decided to do some small experiments because I am conserving my mordanted fabric . I love the effect I have achieved but I am not sure I can answer my own question yet.

Carrots tops from the garden

Ivy from the garden

And on a slightly larger scale onions skins.

I am approaching my vision now and I am going to continue exploring wild color.




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