Sunday, 21 September 2014

Black and white

When I knew I was going to be away from home from my felting studio and all my felting fluff, yet still with some felting time , I decided to keep it simple and just take black and white fibre with me . Black to make some jewellery and white to make a textured piece for my course.

The textured piece required me to make cords , balls and use resists to capture the texture of my theme . I deliberately kept it all small , no space to do otherwise!

Here are the balls and cords, with a few wooden beads thrown in.

The final piece , I think giving some impression of waves and rocks , well maybe. I am cross with myself for making a mistake I have made many times , placing the beads and the balls too close together to be really effective.

For my black theme I have been playing with incorporating beads and buttipons into rings and brooches . I think one of the keys is to make sure the bead or button is very secure and can't rock before you start felting. Easy to say , but quite hard to achieve on such a small scale.

Here my brooches , which need a little bit of stitching to be finished.

My rings are less successful . I intended to remake two of them , because also they look OK in the photo , I am not happy with the feel of them.

Still some more black and white time available so that should be easy.




  1. Love the white texture piece Jane !
    Can't see the rings very good .... looks like the light comes from behind ???
    Better the other way round ?

    Ha, clever to take black and white with you ;-)

    1. I am not sure I know a good way to photograph rings - have you any ideas ?

  2. Loving the texture piece, lots of interesting elements to look at but I particularly like how you have attached the beads... very clever!

  3. thanks Teri , I just need to discipline myself to space them better.