Sunday, 15 March 2015

Looking back

It's hard for me to believe that this is now my 151st blog post. I would never have believe that was possible when I very nervously wrote my first post in September 2011.

That first post was about the difficulties in making white felt on a white background , my trial piece to show I could make felt at the start of my first ArtyBird City and Guilds courses.

When I look at the posts I have made , the most popular with my readers is the one about making a pair of replacement slipper boots , the first pair made from merino had worn through.

Oh how I hated making these things , I just could not get the supposedly hard wearing norwegien wool to felt. But they have been much loved by my daughter and are worn out now . So much for the hardwearing. Before you ask - no I will not make another pair !

I have had more that 7000 views, and I think over 1000 of these are my mother who is my biggest , albeit silent in the public arena , fan.

I was very excited the day I got a comment , from a friendly felter who was unknown to me and I know I have viewers that I don't know from all around the world .

The purpose of my blog was to record my adventures and discoveries during my on-line felting courses with ArtyBird Carnfoth I think I have achieved this while having a lot of fun and learning a lot about felting . During my journey I have been greatly helped by Kate Horner from ArtyBird , and also enjoyed workshops with Miriam Verbeek , Andrea Graham , Judit Pocs and Lisa Klakulak.

As ArtyBird wins more awards for its felt making courses I am pleased that out there in the ether will remain my few words about my experiences with the courses for future students and friendly felters to read and I am pleased that I took the plunge and became a blogger.









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