Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Block printing

Well after the random uncertainty of mono printing, I have to admit block printing suits me better. It's not that I want complete certainty and I certainly like variety, but it's just more controllable.
I made three blocks based on the shapes in the deluge. I choose, a swirl , and geometric pattern and a series of curving lines. 
I made the blocks with PVA glue on heavy cardboard. This had the disadvantage of when dry it wasn't completely level , some of the lines printing with different thickness, but I liked this effect and the more I used them , the more this evened out.

Here are my blocks after use.

I  made some backgrounds- inspiration the deluge of course.!  And printed over the top using my blocks.

I really enjoyed the random printing , but the regular one one a bit too stylized for me and not is easy to be completely regular , when you had blocks of different sizes.

Overall I would choose the random one as giving the best effect.

Looking forward now to doing some printing on fabric now.

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