Sunday, 10 March 2013

From one thing to another

I am working up to making carpets , well not really , maybe a rug. If I had some friends , which as I am a distance learner , I don't, I would be. It is also not true that I have no friends. I have another distance learning friend, Paula , but she can't physically help me make a rug. So I am actually working up to making a very small, but rug thickness prayer mat.

As part one of this process I had to make a sampler , using the pattern techniques that would be incorporated into a rug. I have been very involved in the natural colours of Shetland for the last few weeks , as I have slowly stitched by Shyrdak .

It's actually nearly done and I am pleased with it , but its very natural.

So for my sampler , no brown , no natural colours. But still somehow had to be within the bounds of my theme of river edges. So I thought about this picture which I took one beautiful sunny day last May . Lots of lines , shapes but not a lot of colour.

Then I remember a beautiful photograph from Joe Cornish , from Arklet water. Gorgeous colours. Published in his book 'First Light'

Why not imagine these colours , and the shapes from my photo ? Mix and match. So I went a bit wild and made a piece mixing these two ideas together and I think it works well. Here is a small piece of it.

Now I just need to get my prayer mat ideas worked out.

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  1. Love the pieces you made!! But I prefer your photo to the other one so i wish you would make a piece working with your photo.