Thursday, 28 February 2013


A few years ago I had the opportunities , all from my friends from Rotterdam Stitch 'n Bitch to learn to make felt and to learn to spin. I dabbled with both and then decided there was not enough time in my life for both and anyway I preferred felting. One thing led to another and thats how I ended up taking this course with Arty bird.

This Christmas Laura gave me beautiful spindle and a book called "Respect the spindle " by Abby Franquemont . I thought I'd just remind myself how to use the spindle. So I asked an expert spinning friend of mine for a short lesson. I practiced a little bit , read my book and concluded yes my decision had been right, I preferred felting. The spindle was beautiful but ....

I have now been faced with a dilemma. To finish my Shyrdak piece I either had to find some yarn to edge it or I had to spin some. My Shyrdak is made from Shetland wool , in beautiful natural colours. My yarn collection , extensive though it is , had nothing that was going to fit in and add the finishing touches to this piece. The yarn really needed to be made out of undyed Shetland fibre. So I decided to give it a go. I needed about 100m of yarn , with 'z, twist and the same length with a 's' twist. Luckily following my recent lesson , I at least knew what this meant.

It took me a while and I have to say it not so very even , but here are my first two balls of yarn ready for using to cover the joins and edge my Shyrdak.

So maybe there room in my life for felting and spinning after all. Thanks Laura and Usch.


  1. A very beautiful present Laura chose for you !!!
    I also thought of using spun threads in the felting process ....

  2. haha, almost over on the dark side.... But seriously, I love the multi-crafting aspect.