Thursday, 23 May 2013

Preparations for Feltfull

Well I am so excited , because on Friday TOMORROW I am off to Feltfull. Feltfull is a whole week of felting, how wonderful is that going to be. So I am preparing , this requires quite a bit of thought and I am sure I will forget something vital.

First there is all my tools , my pens ,crayons and paper my scissors, my soap, my felting needles, a tape measure and and ..... the list goes on and on.

Then my felting materials. This has really required the most thought. I needed to think of colours and I wanted to have two different colours for my two workshops. So I have collection of purples and pinks and a collection of oranges and greens. Fibres, fabrics , yarns , and threads.

I also have made a piece of felt in my star style for a bit of a show and tell.


First workshop Ornament lead by Miriam Verbeek and then a workshop Halszaken- translated to Capital Cases by google which cannot be correct lead by Claudia Burkhardt.


Trains are sorted , packing is on its way and so shall I be soon. I can't wait!!!






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