Sunday, 1 September 2013

White revisited

Almost two years ago on 15th September 2011, I wrote my first blog. I was Very apprehensive. I am not sure what I was frightened of. I have found that as a blogger I can be totally anonymous . I would like a few more readers and comments but mostly I am happy to remain anonymous. Fame has yet to come my way.

My first blog was about a flat piece of white piece of felt, I made to prove , to Artybird , that I could make felt. . Two years later I think thats well proven. I am as hooked as ever on felting with all of its possibilities . Probably more so, with my head brimming with felting ideas , and a small studio in active use, full of fibre, drawings and pieces of fabric.


I reflect on my first white piece today , not specially as it is near its two year anniversary, but because I have made a white sculpture that am especially pleased with. I have made many felts during my two years that I am proud of, but not usually just it white. Don't ask me what it is , its just a felting exploration into vessels and sculpture.

So here is my sculpture . She is trying to find somewhere comfortable to live.

After my first tentative white felting piece almost two years ago , I am still an Artybird felter still learning, still blogging about it and still loving it.










  1. Thanks. I have lots of other ideas like this, I just need to find some more time to make them