Friday, 1 November 2013

Gotland part 2

Whilst we were away at the wedding having a lot of fun as this photos shows.


My big bag was drying beautifully into a lovely shape and a nice mottled effect. It really beautiful the way three distinct layers and colours if fibre meld together in this way.

The question was how to finish off the handle. My plan was to hand stitch and give a kind of top stitch effect on both sides, this was quite difficult to do I found , as trying to get the two sides well stitched together and a reasonably straight top stitch on both sides was very hard. In the end I first did a line of small stitches which were to hold in all together , and then a more decorative top stitch on both sides.


I am please with the final result. It will be good for holding knitting , shopping and taking my miniatures felts to a gallery ..... One day .


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