Sunday, 5 January 2014


I have been experimenting with laminating a pleated piece of silk.
I got the idea on how to make the pleats by reading how quilters make random pleats. So I took a piece of my shibori dyed silk and having sprayed it with water randomly pleated it , you could say scrumpled it , then ironed it flat and let it dry.
I then placed it on top of another piece of silk that had three strands of a merino silk fibre mix laid on it. I captured both pieces together at the edges by using some thin prefelt that was spiky and that I had cut into holes. Here's the piece part way through felting while still wet.
I love this effect. The silks are caught together just in places and the texture is really varied. The grey and orange also work really well together.

Close up you can see the texture from the felting and the texture from the captured pleats.

This is only a small piece . I think I will make a scarf using this technique.


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  2. I love the colours and that you are using the book I gave you. Vey clever! K