Sunday, 4 May 2014

An unexpected and peculiar colour

Continuing my pleating theme. I made yet another foil masking tape piece. Still the old boring white but this time more integrated mixing the two techniques together.

Quite effective. But not dramatic enough for me, pleats need to be more bold and I would prefer larger gaps between the pleats.

As I was making it I decided I would dye it after finishing to see the effect of the different fabrics and some yarns that I had incorporated. Below the scrim was silk , cotton and alpaca.

Green I decided would be good. I mixed a nice kind of khaki green which I hoped would give lots of shade possibilities. I read again about mordants and modifiers thought I understood and went for it.

Not really the expected results . In fact very peculiar all together.


Not a sign of green. I have to admit that I mixed my khaki from orange and turquoise blue , but if was definitely green in the pot and on a piece of paper. What seems to have happened is the cotton has become dirty blue , the wool and alpaca dirty orange and the very small amout of silk very dark green. So unexpected and peculiar. I better read my dying books again.



  1. This is really interesting- what type of dye did you use? I have read about people deliberately dyeing wool and silk mix scarves with acid dyes after felting because you get subtly different shades with the different materials and I have used Procion dyes on silk wool laminates with the intention that only the silk would take the dye (the wool took it but a very much paler shade). Orange and turquoise is quite remarkable though!

  2. ??????????????

    I once had a workshop (De Schapekop) where we made a shawl
    with silk and wool felted together (like nuno) and it was dyed in
    a big pot : with two different kind of dyes .... in the same pot !?!
    (didn't see the actual proces)

  3. ???? You are right , probably. I needed different mordants together in the dye pot . But maybe also there is something ekes going on , Old dyes ? I used procion dyes that are about three years old. I'd like to buy some more but don't know what to get.