Sunday, 26 October 2014


My husband is a photographer, and he has published a photograph every day since 1/1/2013 on Blipfoto. You can see his photos here at Bizonderimage. Sometimes he publishes transformational photographs . I generally love these and one really spoke to me.

He took this photograph at the gashouders in Amsterdam .

And transformed it first to give this .

And then this.

When I saw it I wondered what it would this look made in felt ?

Well here it is .

Wet Felted incorporating silk , scrim , prefelts and mulberry bark . Then machine stitched using variety of threads.

I used mulberry bark for the first time which you can see better in this close up. I really like the effect it gives.

I feel that this is a wonderful collaboration , maybe we have a new future together.






  1. I love both the transformed image and the piece of felt. Even though they are from the same image I am finding they evoke different emotions; the passage of time and a sense of mortality vs a frenetic energy respectively. I have not encountered mulberry bark as a fibre before, I assume it is one of the russet tones but is it in the foreground or background? How does it compare to other plant fibres such as bamboo and corn top?

    1. Thanks Teri for your lovely and thoughtful comments. I came across Mulberry bark only a few weeks ago. It was being sold by a company called Mijn-eigen ( Dutch) who are a fibre-art and surface design material specialists. It is a sheet of the inner bark of the tree and quite stiff and fibrous. It is white , bleached I think. I used it here in the background over the whole left hand corner of the piece. I then added fibres/prefeltts on top and eventually stitched as well. It seems different , to me to any fibre I have used before

  2. Great way to find new inspiration Jane ;-)
    The mulberry bark works fun ! You could also dye it ....
    (You must have quite a bit left ?)

    (ahhhhh saw the new baby boy and his niece ;-) !)

    1. Yes you can dye it , works well. !! :-)
      New baby boy and his niece are just adorable :-)

  3. You both have a good vision and artistic. The photo image and your felted piece are gorgeous.

    1. Thankyou. I plan to make some more felted pieces like this soon .