Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A felted picture

At last back to my love - felting! 
A painted felt picture, I am not sure about this. I am more into impressions of things and letting my imagination run wild. I have a bit of passion for the texture of rust and some people might remember me rambling on about one Saturday night after a glass or two or ...  But when I was told to draw a picture at school, my brain and hands could not make anything and I am worried this is going happen now.
On reflection this picture will have to be an impression as the much discussed mountain view is far to big for me to turn into any kind of a picture. 
So with the collage strip of the view from Sam mountain as inspiration.
I had fun with Usch's carders (thanks for the loan) making tones from of my bright orange and dark blue merino. Pretty hard work ,though to get just a small heap of fibres. 
I assembled my ingredients : merino carded and virgin, some hand dyed silk from last week dye in, some orange ancient Lambswool Pride left over from a knitted then felted bag, and just a little bit of my favorite blue silk threads. 
Inspired by the collage and these materials this is the result. 
I think now an impression of the view is possible with these lovely fibres and yarns and in some ways I'd like think to it even turned out to be a picture - certainly more of a picture than the sticky collage that inspired it.

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