Sunday, 9 October 2011

A slippery diversion

Felted slippers for four well there a challenge for a rainy Saturday in Rotterdam. So armed with a tutorial from Grazim Etsy shop and the lovely book Feltmaking and Wool magic by Jorie Johson for reference we set out to give it a good try.
First big question to make them right side out or inside out. I am a big fan of inside out myself, its more magical, but on this occasion decided just following the instructions would be enough. And then there was the choice of colours  and number of layers of each, so many different decisions.  Between the four of us, with our different ideas and experiences, we made a medley of the instructions . We like to use grated olive oil soap for the good of our skin and plastic bags on our hands for a delicate touch ,and we like inside out constructions and using many colours and different number of layers and layout patterns.  The list is endless of the things we did different from our very comprehensive instructions. 
It was so hard to keep track on where you were  with two items, and to control the lying of the fibres in all the right directions. Next time we need a better way for this, but perhaps less talking would have helped. Cutting the opening was also tricky and I have had to have a number of alterations to get my opening big enough for my big feet.
Inside out resulted in nice twirls and medieval like opening - these were not quite finished due to the extra work with the twirls. One pair quickly recovered from a near disaster with some beautiful home dyed fibre that seemed not to felt- and now you would never tell. It was quite hard to tell right from left so one pair cleverly resolved this with an L and an R. My pair were very purple, and my choice to go for 8 layers for hard wearing was maybe a mistake. Too much overlap fibre at the join but they are drying up well. 
Overall a success. 
Lets do it again.

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