Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mixed Media

I think I am having a mixed media week. 
I have been cutting and sticking copies of my collages and then painting then. Some were sucessfull and some terrible .  I have also been crumpling them and then and stitching paper copies. 

I have also been dying again, still banished to the garden , but now having to wear a hat because it has got so cold. The purpose was uneven dying , I struggled to decide between , yellow, purple or blue. Eventually I decided for the blue , with green and red highlights. The unevenness was very marked, which I think was the intent and the deep turquoise  was just as I had imagined.
All this dying is going to come together in two fabric representations of of course SAM mountain.  One just a collage with the recently dyed material and one using the original with stitching both very different and neither anything like the real thing. 
So definitely a mixed media week.

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  1. All these dyed materials are so yummy! That will nót be for felting only I think ... Will you do some stitching too ???? Very interesting !
    How was the Jane film ? Will go to the HWB on Sáturday ... and you ?