Sunday, 29 June 2014

this and that....

I have been flitting from one idea to another this week , trying this and that.

I have an assignment on shibori dying felt . This has been fun. It was a bit irritating when the elastic bands I had used , perished totally during the dyeing process. Perhaps that's what you get from using cheap loom band elastic bands ! This altered the finalized result but overall I am pleased with my pieces.

I have made a bracelet, using beads that my daughter made and some kap merino fibre . I have been wearing this to see what it feels like , light and comfortable and I like the look too.

A few weeks ago a took a online class with Carol Ann Waugh on Craftsy called stitch and slash. This is technique aimed at quilters but I though I'd give a tried in felting. So I laminated 4 fabrics ontop of a piece of prefelt , a scrim , a lace and two different colored synthetic chiffons. Prior to laminating I stitched a couple of random shapes into the piece and stitched around the edge as well. After felting it was only totally laminated in parts , which was just what I wanted.


I love the wave effect the synthetic chiffon gives.

I then slashed it , right back to the felt in a couple of places , and through different layers on the rest. Leaving some of the slashed fabric in place. I then oversewed and edged it and added a few beads.

A promising outcome I think for a first attempt.



  1. Love the shibori designs and the felted bracelet, it looks both stylish an comfortable. Any ideas how you will use the shibori felts?

  2. HI Teri. Thankyou. I do not know how I will use the shibori felts, I am waiting to see what the rest if the assignment brings. It could be interesting as the colours are rather out of place in my theme , which is river edges. Jane